Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Deal of the day! Contacts!

Yay! I'm on my last month of contacts, so REALLY needed to buy more. I was nervous, because last time i bought contacts, it cost me about $200 for a years supply. BUT today, I got 6 months, for 34.49 shipped!! I really need to go to the eye doctor, but want to give my brain some more time to heal.

If i had paid full price, on this companies site (Vision Direct, they had the cheapest prices i could come up with!) the contacts would have been 24.99 per box, plus shipping. I bought 2 boxes, 1 for each eye. Shipping would have been 6.99, so I would have paid 56.97 with no effort. I did have a 28% percent off code (RMN28 which is only good for first time orders), but they said i have ordered from the site before so they couldnt honor it. I haven't, but I called customer service to sort this out. They claim to know nothing about this code (even though it worked before i logged into the site...) but gave me 25% off and free shipping. I feel like I missed out on that 3% because i did also have a free shipping code (679D9B44), but meh whatever.

So this brought my order down to 37.49. The additional $3 came in the form of my 8% cash back from eBates! Seriously.

Those of you not using eBates are CRAZY! I joined only a few months ago, and have earned $9.88 PLUS i got a $10 gift card for my first $25 purchase. So I have gotten $19.88 in a few months time, and it cost me nothing more than I would have spent anyways! I still shop on my normal sites, I just have to remember to go through eBates first!!

So, original total: 56.97
I spent (after cash back): 34.49

This is a total savings of $22.48 or 40%.

Next up: Taco Casserole!!!

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