Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Deal of the day! Boots!!!

I am a flip flop girl to the core. I refuse to wear anything else until there is snow on the ground. Well, this has worked out for me, since we have gotten 1.5 inches of measurable snow in December so far, so I have not had to wear anything else. Well, a few weeks ago, I put on my boots. These aren't winter boots, but they have done the trick. Savannah hasn't really been into snow until this year, so it wasn't an issue. Well, she LOVES snow this year. So I decided I finally needed to get real winter boots.

I received an e-mail for Payless, about their clearance being 60% off in store only. Well, I lack a car, so I decided I'll check out their website anyways. I found a pair of boots, normally 39.99. It was on clearance for $21.99, which is still FAR too much for me.

So I jump over to my friends at Retailmenot (best place to find coupons for anything btw... if a coupon exists, it's there!!!) and the best I could find was 15%. Not good enough!! So i scrolled down, and found an old 30% off coupon, which was expired, but it had a lot of comments attached to it. Read through the comments, and someone posted code "59863" which was good for 40% off. Why not? Worth a try. It worked!!!

Now to shipping. Shipping is usually 5.95. Yes, it's nice to get the package right at the door, but not for $5.95. It shipped to the store, FOR FREE.

Oh but I'm not done!!! 3% cash back on e-bates!! (thats about 0.41) making it 13.31

So, grand order total was 13.72 SHIPPED plus I will get 3% back!!!

Total WOULD have been 47.54 if it had been full price and i had payed to get it shipped. So, I saved a possible 34.43 when you figure in sale, coupon and cash back!! That's a 72% savings!!!

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