Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How I got a $50 cell phone case for "free"

Sorry I've been slacking lately. Holidays, and not feeling well, I haven't been cooking or shopping. So here is my deal of the day! A PINK (of course) Griffin Survivor Case for my new iPhone 4S, for "free".

Now you know there are many levels of free, some are outright free, some are via auction sites and what not. This is a bit complicated so bear with me.

I bought this item on e-bay. This was buy it now, for 28.95. So already, we have a savings of 21.04.

Next, I spent $17 of this from a promotion from this morning. If you downloaded this app on iPhone OR android, you received a $5 amazon gift card. Awesome, but not part of this deal! But, you could refer up to 5 friends, and received $5 for each referral, as well as $1 for joining. I signed Bill up (so now we have $10 in amazon gift cards!!) and 2 people from one of the blogs I follow joined using my link, so I earned $15 in referral dollars, and can potentially earn $10 more on my account, and $25 more on bills account (use https://www.clover.com/a?inv&t=f5hlf40yx69d OR https://www.clover.com/a?inv&t=1sn3a9f2spigy if you want in, must have iPhone or android, not sure if it will work on iPod touch.) .

So that got the balance to 11.95, which I paid using money I earned selling "junk" on ebay, so it was "free" money in my opinion.

AND I earned 0.68 in eBay bucks, so this was actually a money maker in my book!! Woohoo!

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